RMS california
newark, cA


100,000 sf

Risk Management Solutions

Completion Date:

Directed by the vision of Hemant Shah, CEO and founder of Risk Management Solutions, RES4's task was to implement an environmental transformation of RMS’s new U.S. Headquarters, similar to the work RES4 completed at RMS's Hackensack, NJ office. Despite the ongoing economic crisis, the company’s growing success was carefully considered in defining a five-to-ten year master plan for 440 potential employees. Creating smaller, more efficient private workspaces allowed for larger communal and conference spaces for a creatively competitive and inspiring ambiance.

In response to RMS’s technological advances, a 24-monitor media wall is a primary focal point, as it continuously projects current targets relating to the company’s products, services, and expertise in quantification and management of catastrophic risk. The sculptural, curving reception desk is a custom Corian fabrication designed by RES4.

The enclosed spaces are concentrated in the center and are glazed on the outside faces, which allows for views and natural light throughout. Daylighting reduces artificial lighting needs in the open workstations. RMS’s global awareness is reflected through the use of sustainable materials and finishes, as well as energy efficient appliances and low flow plumbing fixtures.