the 3-bar bridge

Size: 2392 SF
Dimensions: 60′-0″ x 68′-0″

4 bedrooms
3 baths
1 media room
1 sleeping porch

The 3-Bar Bridge creates an optimum division of space by forming a bridge connection between three modular living units. The ground floor is made up of a living / dining / kitchen unit separated by a covered drive from a two bedroom guest house which could alternatively be used as a convenient home office. Bridging the lower levels is another two-bedroom living unit with a centralized media room

the 3-bar bridge & Tower

Size: 2714 SF
Dimensions: 55′-0″ x 70′-0″

4 bedrooms
3 baths
1 media room / office
1 sleeping porch

The 3-Bar Bridge with 3-story tower has a commanding presence on any site. Among the design’s most interesting features is a large sleeping porch with spectacular views at the third floor of the tower element. The house’s circulation is both convenient and unique, with master and guest bedrooms nestled in the tower connecting through a central living space on the first floor to another residential bar opposite of it.