Seminary Hill Farmhouse
Callicoon, NY


6,122 sf

Typology Series:



8 Boxes





Designed for the owners of an apple & pear orchard and cider mill, this country prefab home sits on a hillside along the New York-Pennsylvania border, overlooking the orchard, a historic seminary, and the Delaware River.

Featured sustainable technologies and design strategies include:

- Photovoltaic array and battery storage system.

- Geothermal heating and cooling system (integrated with high-efficiency radiant floor heating).

- Rainwater collection cisterns for maintaining the vegetable garden and lawn.

- Passive heating strategies using tile, stone and concrete flooring as thermal masses.

- Primary southern orientation with large sliding glass doors for natural daylighting and passive winter heating, with roof overhangs and brise soleils to mitigate excess solar heat gain during summers.

- Super-insulated, air-tight "flash and batt" enclosure consisting of 2" spray foam insulation + fiberglass batt throughout.

- LED lighting fixtures throughout.

- Robust, durable, long-lasting materials including bamboo wood flooring (a rapidly renewable material source), locally-sourced natural stone, standing seam metal roofing, cedar siding, and Ipe decking.

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