RMS hackensack
hackensack, nJ

10,000 sf

Risk Management Solutions

Completion Date:

Risk Management Solutions is the world’s leading provider of products and services in the quantification and management of catastrophe risks. RMS requested Res4 create an opportunity for establishing “house pride” within their successful company. Unlike the existing maze of high-walled cubicles, Res4 proposed a low partition finger-toothing technique for the workstation areas to both create privacy yet encourage involvement and participation of fellow workers. The overlapping of proximity also allows for ease of 2,3,4,-8 employees to team together quickly and then disperse back to personal tasks. The mechanical and electrical systems maneuver within a lowered soffit, floating only above the corridors and private areas to alleviate height in all other spaces. The absence of ceiling around the perimeter and central spaces exposes a structural concrete waffle slab- eye candy for us builders/designers or anyone interested in building composition. RMS’s global awareness is reflected through the materials & finish choices as well as the low-energy/consumption of appliances & plumbing fixtures.