mcCann ad agency
new york, nY

20,000 sf

McCann-Erickson Worldwide

Date Completed:

With the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer, the international advertising agency McCann-Erickson Worldwide has redefined itself as a progressive and technologically oriented agency poised for the 21st century.

team-oriented nature of the client’s work provided the basis for a series of architecturally linked spaces. Spatial pairing was a key strategy in this project as we devised a new office type for the agency. Siamese office suites were created as a system of paired individual work spaces whose adjoining doors allow them to open up to one another, thus enabling small scale conferences between art director/copywriter teams. This idea recurs at larger scales as well, as the conference rooms are capable of joining together for larger meetings. These conference room spaces then have the capability of expanding even further, with retracting sliding glass doors conceptually bringing the space of the corridor into the meeting room and supporting the possibility of floor-wide meetings.

keeping with the strategy that adjacent spaces lend programmatic support or spatial relief to one another, we chose to design numerous interior partitions with clear, frosted and black glass. The aluminum mullion patterns derive from ideas of pattern making inspired by golden section relationships, the work of Mondrian and Klee, and vertical datums throughout the project. These patterns bring scale to the expanse of glass, unify the walls compositionally from the circulation side while giving each office individuality from the interior side. Employing transparencies, translucencies and mullion pattern making, we have sought to erode the inherent hierarchical space. planning methods of high-rise corporate offices by conceptually tripling the possible number of offices with access to natural light and sharing perceived common space.