Long beach cottage
long beach, NY

1,700 sf

Typology Series:
Single Bar

3 Boxes & Panelized Storage Area



Completion Date:

Located on the edge of a dense residential neighborhood, this oceanfront prefab is tightly nestled between two houses on a narrow 20’ x 90’ lot. The new 1,700 sf full time residence for two women seeks to utilize the existing foundation of a deteriorated 700 sf summer cottage where they have vacationed for many years. The lot has a common access easement that is shared by all properties on the block and bisects the property in two. To meet the zoning requirements and the clients’ programmatic needs, the house uses a strategy of building up and over the easement to maintain the access.

Within the compact first floor, a zone of millwork runs along one edge unifying the open space and providing ample storage for the kitchen, dining and living areas. On the opposite edge, floor to ceiling glass allows sunlight to filter into much of the main living space maximizing daylight and providing natural ventilation. Furthermore, access to the exterior space is through two large sliding glass doors enabling a direct connection to the patio and outdoor shower. A bamboo planter defines a path to the front door and provides a screen of privacy from the neighbors who are only seven feet away.

The second floor contains a media room, guest bedroom and bath directly above the first floor, while the master suite peaks out into the landscape allowing for 180º views of the Atlantic Ocean. A roof bulkhead provides storage and access to the roof deck and is perfect for sunbathing, entertaining guests, and taking in the expansive views. A photovoltaic solar canopy stretches across half of the roof deck and doubles as a covered exterior space to escape the hot sun.