LMG Cox Communications
New York, NY

5,000 sf

Lifestyle Marketing Group

Date Completed:

Lifestyle Marketing Group is a small sports marketing office owned by Cox Communications located on 5th Ave at 28th Street in New York City. It’s a 5000 SF space that is rigorously designed using low cost materials to create an inexpensive yet upbeat, down-n-dirty space. Individual workstations line the perimeter of the space and are limited in height as to not obstruct the views of the surrounding windows. The void that is left in the center of the space creates an informal conference space where the whole office can gather. Other spaces include a more formal conference room, storage space, a copy area and a pantry.

major materials used to make the space consist of Polycarbonate, Lumasite, Durock, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Aluminum and Baltic Birch Plywood. These are off-the-shelf, inexpensive materials used here to create texture and variety with an economy of means. The Polycarbonate was used as a diffuser for the many light fixtures mounted to the ceiling so as to create an even source of light over the conference table. The extra large barn-like doors on either side of the conference room consist of Lumasite (a structural acrylic) and simple wood studs on an exposed track allowing for the space to be exposed or enclosed as needed. The conference table is made of Baltic Birch Plywood, whereas the other workspace desktops are a black plastic laminate with a Baltic Birch edge. The Durock and Aluminum were left unfinished. MDF panels, finished with a clear polyurethane, provide a durable yet “soft” edge to the workstations.

existing concrete floors were simply ground down and refinished and the existing concrete ceiling was just cleaned up and painted. Lighting is done very simply with many indirect linear fixtures as well as a field of industrial fixtures mounted with exposed conduit to the concrete ceiling.