Lake Iosco House
Bloomingdale, NJ

2,100 sf

Typology Series:
Single Bar, Two-Story

4 Boxes, Panelized Fireplace/Storage



Completion Date:

Designed as a second home for a single mom and young son who live in Manhattan only 45 minutes away, this two-story single bar scheme is positioned as close to the lake as zoning allows. The result is a long linear composition oriented north south, with complementing sunrise and sunset decks to the east and west. Lake views are available from all rooms.

Similar to many smaller lakes in northern New Jersey, Lake Iosco is sparsely surrounded by single-family homes nestled in the woods. The specific lot is located adjacent to the lake’s concrete dam that forms a water-spill creating a creek to the south. The approach weaves through the woods along a narrow road, terminating in a gently sloped drive and polycarbonate carport that frames a view of the lake upon arrival.

Entry continues as a transition from the auto-court to the east deck up a slight set of stairs marked by a concrete wall pierced with acrylic cylinders. Transmitting sunlight during the day, the acrylic cylinders become a backlit constellation triggered by motion-sensors at night. Through a glass door and large sidelight is a dump-zone compressed by a full-height freestanding volume containing a built-in bench with hooks for coats, additional storage, and a small bathroom. This core volume breaks up the otherwise completely open ground floor by demarcating a small playroom to the north and a large communal space to the south. Also freestanding, yet only counter height, two large kitchen islands anchor the zone for food prep while defining the resultant dining and living spaces. Along the east side is a saddlebag clad in cement board panels that accommodates additional kitchen cabinets and under-counter refrigerators, as well as the black steel fireplace / storage / media unit. The west side is predominately glass, connecting the space both visually and physically through sliding glass doors to the deck, lawn, and lake, allowing a single mom to keep a watchful eye on her young rambunctious son.

Stairs at the north end of the home lead to private spaces above and utilitarian spaces below. Open at the top of the stair is a semi-public study, creating a transition to the hall of private bedrooms beyond.

The sun is integrated throughout by being defused in playful ways through the use of acrylic cylinders, polycarbonate carport, 2x2 cedar slats, and reflections off the water being captured within.