Eun Residence
New York, NY




Completion Date:

Located in New York City’s Upper West Side, this combined two-unit apartment serves as a space for a family of four to live, sleep, and entertain. The architects worked directly with the clients to create spaces that feel large, open, and airy, while maximizing storage space and incorporating elements of their Korean heritage.

The apartment is broken down into three zones: communal living spaces, a generous master suite, and a children’s suite. Oversized aluminum and glass pocket doors allow for each of the zones to be separated from one another, while maintaining circulation within each. The children's suite includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a separate play space, making it easy for the adults to entertain while the children play.

Most of the corridors throughout the apartment are lined with bright white built-in millwork for storage. In fact, the only elements that were not custom designed and built into the architecture are the sofas and chairs. During demolition, a number of mechanical and plumbing elements were discovered, creating opportunities for the architecture to respond to and embrace these conditions. A custom walnut dining table is built around an existing gas line, integrating the table directly into the overall design while enhancing the communal aspect of this project. A black steel clad hallway angles and bends around a plumbing riser.