Country Retreat
The Plains, VA

2,610 sf

Typology Series:
L Series

6 Boxes & Butterfly Roof



Completion Date:

Situated on a wooded site among rolling hills and grazing horses, the Country Retreat doesn’t hesitate to take full advantage of its natural surroundings. With plentiful windows, and generously sized decks, the distant mountains are brought into an exclusive view for the inhabitants.

To meet the necessity of creating a livable floor plan and a well-orchestrated flow of space, the ground floor was designed as an open plan module containing the living room, dining area, and kitchen. Conversely, the second story of the house is much more compartmentalized with its private spaces carefully arranged within the volume, featuring large bathrooms and light-filled bedrooms. To increase the flexibility of living space and the indoor/outdoor relationship, the living room module can be entirely open to the paved outdoor pool area. For both security and privacy issues, the limestone paved pool area can be completed closed to the exterior with a series of stonewalls and a 2x2 cedar slated gate system. These elements not only provide for a much-needed function, but also are a unique way to create space. The custom kitchen swells into the large living area, which is anchored by a fireplace to keep the home warm in the winter. This living area, which is surrounded by walls of glass, allows 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. The colorful mosaic tiled bathrooms, stainless steel railings, and black steal stair walls all are unique touches that add warmth and personality to the modular home.

The property features a two-car garage, swimming pool, outdoor shower, and storage shed by adding the typical comfort and amenities of a full time residence to this getaway weekend home. A studio is also incorporated into the plan as to enable the clients to extent their stay into the week if need be. The home is a great place to entertain, bring friends and enjoy the scenic countryside of Virginia.